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Kids Dentistry
in Colorado

At Open and Affordable Dental and Braces, we understand that a child's early experiences with dentistry can shape their attitude towards oral health for life. That's why we've created a kid-friendly environment that makes dental visits fun and educational.


Child-Centric Care

Our pediatric team specializes in treating children in a gentle, reassuring manner. We use age-appropriate explanations and a gentle touch to make dental care a positive experience for our young patients.


Building Healthy Habits

We focus on educating children and parents about good oral hygiene practices, ensuring our young patients grow up with the knowledge they need for lifelong dental health.


A Comforting Environment


From our waiting room to the dental chair, every aspect of our practice is designed to make children feel comfortable and at ease.


Partner With Us in Your Child's Dental Journey


Let's work together to give your child a healthy, beautiful smile. Contact Open and Affordable Dental and Braces to schedule your child's appointment.

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