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Doctor Opportunities

Not Every Opportunity Is The Same


The decision where to practice dentistry is very important as it affects your ability to practice how you want.  Most young dentists are naive in thinking that all opportunities are the same or that they will all lead to successful careers.  If you're looking to obtain a mentorship, associateship, or ownership position, please email us at or text us at 720-580-1117 for access to the Careers Information webpage that has more information about Open and Affordable Dental and Braces doctor opportunities.

What Is Open and Affordable Dental and Braces?

Started in Bennett, Colorado, Open and Affordable Dental and Braces (O&A) is a doctor lead and run franchise based group of doctor owned private practices. Open and Affordable Dental and Braces can be considered a franchise based Dental Service Organization (DSO).  Dr. Jason Stott graduated from Buffalo, NY in 2013 and after practicing at a different DSO,  decided to create an organization where the doctor-patient relationship was the central focus.  He wanted to create an organization where doctors can be true owners of their practice and office real estate, creating long term financial stability and success.  He wanted to create an organization that serves doctors and patients, eliminating the burden placed on practices by Private Equity Groups. The Open and Affordable Dental and Braces’ mission is, “to provide the best possible care that is both convenient and affordable.  We consider ourselves the hardest working, most efficient, and most caring dental team. We are constantly improving, striving to create the perfect patient experience and dental office environment.”  Our motto is simple, “Make friends, solve problems.”  Doctors who work with Open and Affordable Dental and Braces benefit from:

  • Mentorship and systems that help new doctors gain the clinical and business knowledge to one day run their own practice if so desired.

  • Beginning their career practicing alongside seasoned owner doctors that have seen and done it all.  No splitting patients, owner doctors want you to see as many patients as you want, from introduction to treatment.  You will be a comprehensive dentist from day one.

  • Having a work/life balance by maximizing their earnings per hour per headache.  Three 12 hour shifts per week, with 4-5 day weekends every week.

  • Autonomy to choose what you treat, receive training to do it well.

  • Learning how to perform endodontics, surgical extractions, cosmetic procedures, and implant placement right after dental school.

  • Access to a brand name that attracts 5-10 times the number of new patients of typical private practice.

  • The ability for doctors to own their own practice including their office real estate.  This allows doctors to create long term financial freedom and reduces tax liability.

  • The ability for doctors to own multiple offices through scratch starts, acquisitions, or purchases of existing Open and Affordable Dental and Braces offices. 

  • The ability of doctors to receive shared franchise fees.

What makes Open and Affordable Dental and Braces different from other DSOs?

The term Dental Service Organization is a broad term referring to any organization that helps multiple dental practices.  DSOs can be categorized by how much of the revenue and/or ownership they maintain in the practice and the real estate. DSOs that maintain complete ownership of the practice and the real estate are sometimes referred to as “Corporate DSOs”.  Corporate DSOs usually have production quotas as they try to convince their associates to increase revenue.  Corporate DSOs are usually run by non-dentist Private Equity Groups who run their organization like any for profit company, treating doctors like salespeople.  Corporate DSOs do not allow ownership in their offices.  Other DSOs sell a minority stake in the practice and retain complete ownership of the real estate.  These “Traditional DSOs” create pseudo owner doctors, where the real long term wealth is held within the parent organization and the doctors are used as an avenue to enrich the owner or founder.  These DSOs usually have the fanciest offices as the real estate appreciation benefits the founding owner.  The founding owner usually is not a dentist.  Many Traditional DSOs have different names for each practice so as to not scare patients away from the entire organization as some bad apple dentists make their way into the organization, thus affecting reputation.  “Modern DSOs” have realized that doctors eventually tire of being pseudo owner doctors and thus have created additional incentives and partnerships for owner doctors.  Many Modern DSOs involve Private Equity loans and buyouts of owner doctors to incentivize ownership transfer to the Modern DSO.  These loan payments are ultimately serviced by the owner doctor and patient, creating financial stress that the owner doctor was originally trying to escape.   Open and Affordable Dental and Braces is considered a “Franchise DSO”.  Franchise DSOs allow the owner doctor to be the 100% legal owner of their practice.  Open and Affordable Dental and Braces goes one step further than most Franchise DSOs by encouraging owner doctors to own their own office real estate, which allows them to reduce tax liabilities and create long term multigenerational wealth.  Open and Affordable Dental and Braces goes even further than most Franchise DSOs by allowing founding and multi-practice owner doctors to share in the franchise fees paid by each office.  The total franchise fee for each office is 4% of collections.  Open and Affordable Dental and Braces considers itself the best value in dentistry because there are no pseudo owners, and practices are purchased using money obtained by doing dentistry, not through Private Equity.  Open and Affordable Dental and Braces has no relationship with any Private Equity Group, meaning practices are valued fairly to the seller, buyer, owner, and patient.  Owner doctors can practice dentistry without large financial burdens that trickle down to patient care.


Learn how to be an amazing clinician through mentorship.

If you're looking for the easiest transition from dental school to being successful in private practice, look no further.  Open and Affordable Dental and Braces has created a mentorship program that teaches you how to successfully complete all procedures from molar endo, to implant placement, to surgical extractions.  Owner doctors who have seen and done every procedure, will stand over your shoulder until you are competent and confident to complete all procedures seen in private practice.  You will learn how to manage multiple patients at once and create and run a busy office.

Learn how to run a successful private practice through a practice management mentorship.


If you're a current dentist stuck in the associate trap, or are a dental student looking to own one or several offices, look no further.  Open and Affordable Dental and Brace has created a practice management mentorship to help you transition from associate to owner.  We have simplified the path to ownership and help you obtain the skills and knowledge to run a successful practice.  We encourage ownership of your own practice and office real estate.  No organization works as hard as we do to see your success.

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