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Your Career, Your Way

Not every opportunity is the same. At Open and Affordable Dental and Braces, we understand that your choice of practice is crucial to your career. Our unique opportunities cater to your professional goals and growth. See what makes us one of the fastest growing, highest rated dental service organizations in the country. 

"Make Friends, Solve Problems"


Dr. Jason Stott, Founder

Open and Affordable Dental and Braces began in Bennett, Colorado, evolving from a simple practice to a doctor-led, franchise-based group of privately owned practices. Dr. Jason Stott, a Buffalo, NY graduate, founded our organization with a focus on the doctor-patient relationship. He envisioned a space where dentists are true practice owners, ensuring long-term financial stability and success. Our mission is to deliver convenient and affordable care, continuously improving to create the perfect patient experience. We operate under a simple motto: "Make friends, solve problems."

What would you like to do?

At Open and Affordable Dental and Braces we're not your typical Dental Service Organization. We let you fast-track your career, on your own terms. Want to join the team? Don't hesitate, we have opportunities for all experience levels!

Join Our Doctor Team

At Open and Affordable Dental and Braces we give doctors the tools they need to thrive. From clinical mentorship for new doctors to business mentorship for prospective owners to financial pathway mentorship for owners, Open and Affordable Dental and Braces is the top career destination for dentists. There are no glass ceilings to your career here, we work hard to help you live your dreams.

Dental Checkup

Join Our Dental Hygienist Team

At Open and Affordable Dental and Braces, we recognize that preventative care is the heart of any dental practice. Our commitment to promoting oral health through regular cleanings, education, and early intervention sets us apart. As a hygienist here, you'll play a pivotal role in ensuring our patients receive the best care possible.

Patient and Dentist

Become a Dental Assistant

Dental Assisting is an extremely rewarding career. Many choose to attend dental assisting programs that cost thousands of dollars and require up to 2 years of schooling.  
At Open and Affordable Dental and Braces you get to skip the high costs and time commitment of school and are trained on the job. No prior experience is necessary. We consider ourselves the best dental organization at creating highly skilled dental assistants.
We will then train you on all clinical aspects of being a dental assistant. You will learn sterilization techniques, how to take x-rays, how to take impressions, how to chart periodontal probing depths, how to assist for fillings, extractions, root canals, implants, and much much more. You will gain x-ray, OSHA, and CPR certificates.  
You will be working directly with doctors and hygienists on your first day of employment. 


Join Our Front Office Staff

As a Front Office team member with Open and Affordable Dental and Braces you will be the face of the office. Through face-to-face and over the phone interactions, you will serve as the main point of contact between patients and Open and Affordable Dental and Braces.


This means that having an upbeat attitude and professional demeanor are essential. You’ll greet patients, take their phone calls, and send out emails to ensure their needs are being met.

Call Center Headset

Join Our Practice Support Group

A company is only as strong as the team that supports it. With several offices, and growing, across the state of Colorado; we have a robust support system behind the scenes that keeps the day-to-day functions working. At Open and Affordable Dental and Braces we pride ourselves on being the hardest working and most caring dental team, and that applies to our Practice Support Group as well. The Practice Support Group has a variety of functions including New Office Set up, Accounts Receivable, Specialty Services, Answering Service and more! 

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