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What thousands of patients' reviews say about Open & Affordable Dental

Updated: Mar 27

Understanding which dental practice in Denver is right for you is a daunting task, even for the most experienced patient. But it doesn’t have to be like that when you can read reviews from real patients.

Our dental services in Brighton have been reviewed by over 1,000 patients on BirdEye, over 300 over 200 on Best Local Reviews and a few on Yelp. We have analysed all of them to see what patients think of our services, practices and dentists and how they have improved their smiles and dental health.

Here are the highlights: we are going to be 100% honest and transparent and share the best 4 and 2 least favourite things about Open & Affordable Dental, plus the top reasons our patients think you should (and should not) schedule an appointment.

If you’re looking for more information about our patients' experience by patients themselves, then this is the place!

The 4 best things about Open and Affordable Dental (based on reviews from 2021 to 2024)

Ok, let’s start with the good reviews, we have noticed the following positive trends:

  1. Patients appreciate the welcoming environment and prompt services

  2. Open and Affordable Dental offers clean and modern facilities

  3. O&A Dental offers effective dental treatments for all ages

  4. Professional and friendly staff

Patients appreciate the welcoming environment and prompt services

Mackenzie L. from Denver, CO, expressed satisfaction with the office's convenient hours, insurance acceptance, and impressive wait and service time, highlighting the clinic's commitment to the community.

Mackenzie L. testimonial of Open and Affordable

For our dental practice in Cheery Creek, Tiffany F., Brian Livingston, Diana Guzman, Jessenia Morejon, and Lindsay Pullam share experiences of comfort, safety, and compassion provided by the dental team, emphasizing the clinic's ability to create a reassuring and professional atmosphere for patients, which is crucial in a healthcare setting where anxiety is common.

open and affordable Reviews
Reviews from our Cherry Creek location

Open and Affordable offers clean and modern facilities

Nadia T. and Kathy P. specifically mentions a "Clean, Relaxed environment" referring to our Loveland location, which aligns with the inquiry about Open and Affordable Dental offering clean and modern facilities.

These reviews emphasize the cleanliness and comfort of the dental office, contributing to a positive patient experience.

open and affordable dental review - Kathy P

Open and Affordable offers effective dental treatments

Reviews from Tiffany F., Jessenia Morejon, and Rachel Ingham highlight the effectiveness of dental treatments at O&A Dental.

Tiffany F. appreciated the comprehensive treatment plan and the clear explanation of procedures, indicating successful outcomes for gum deep cleaning, fillings and crowns, along with satisfaction with Zoom! Whitening.

Jessenia Morejon reported relief from an emergency dental crisis, praising the immediate and effective treatment received.

open and affordable facebook review

Rachel Ingham experienced resolution of a long-standing issue undetected by another dentist, underscoring the clinic's ability to diagnose and treat complex dental problems effectively. Here is what she said:

"Dr. Saelee fixed my mouth ASAP so I experienced no more pain."

open and affordable facebook review #2

Professional and Friendly Staff

Many reviews praise the professional and friendly staff at O&A Dental.

Stefan D. mentions Jaylen at the desk being very nice, while Tiffany F. lauds Dr. Saelee and her team for their exceptional care.

friendly staff-  open and affordable review

Brian Livingston and Diana Guzman also appreciate the comfort and safety provided by the dentist and her assistant, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

 These Open and Affordable reviews highlight our clinic's commitment to professionalism and a friendly approach, making dental visits a positive experience for patients.

2 least favourite things about Open and Affordable Dental (based on reviews from 2020-2024)

We always look to improve our courses and keep up with current treatment standards and trends.

We will usually respond to negative reviews in 24 hours or less.

There are a few of the things that our patients believed that we could improve on:

Improving the clarity around insurance billing

Daniel Ross-Hill reported poor customer service related to insurance coverage, expressing frustration when informed he wasn't in network after being previously assured otherwise.

customer service review - open and affordable

Our support team promptly answered the concern within 12 hours, which resulted in improving our customer services and billing process. This is the answer we provided:

"Daniel, I've been trying to reach you the past few days to talk about your experience. I completely agree that insurance is frustrating and we always verify insurance before your visit to avoid any surprises. We are in-network with almost all insurances but unfortunately, we are not in-network with your specific plan.

All of this aside I got into healthcare to take care of people and I want to take care of you. Come into the office and I will get you out of pain and take care of your tooth for free. I don't want insurance to get in the way of your health."

Improving our treatment quality and follow-up care

Adrian shared frustration on Google over fillings that repeatedly came out, requiring multiple visits for corrections, indicating concerns with the durability and effectiveness of the dental work performed.

To conclude: How good is Open and Affordable Dental?

Open and Affordable Dental is praised for its dedicated and approachable staff, successful dental care, and hospitable atmosphere, reflecting its commitment to patient satisfaction.

While there are opportunities for enhancement in insurance communication and the consistency of treatment outcomes, reviews say that our clinics demonstrate a strong foundation in service and patient care, with many customers reporting positive experiences.

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