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Dental Crowns and Bridges in 

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Crowns and Bridges Treatment in Denver, Colorado

If you're in need of expert dental crowns or bridges in Colorado, look no further than our skilled Open and Affordable Dental and Braces practices.


Our crowns are designed to effectively replace the enamel of a tooth when there's considerable structural loss, restoring both function and aesthetics. Meanwhile, our bridges offer a durable solution for missing teeth, securely cementing two or more teeth into place to create a seamless look.

The team at our Open and Affordable Dental and Braces clinics, made by Doctors of Dental Surgery and Doctors of Dental Medicine, are highly experienced in these procedures. Furthermore, being monitored and regulated by the America Dental Association (ADA), our highly rated clinic ensures you're in safe hands, receiving top-notch dental care.

6 Reasons for Choosing Open and Affordable Dental and Brace for Your Crowns and Bridges


Look & Feel Natural

Dental crowns and bridges offer a natural appearance and feel, seamlessly blending with existing teeth for comfort and aesthetics.


Changes Your Appearance

Crowns and bridges can instantly transform your appearance, offering a quick, remarkable improvement in your smile and overall facial aesthetics.


Relieves Your Discomfort

They effectively relieve discomfort caused by damaged or missing teeth, restoring function and easing pain during eating or speaking.


Protect Against Damage

Crowns and bridges act as a safeguard, encasing and fortifying your teeth to prevent further damage and ensuring long-term dental health.


Increase Your Confidence

By restoring the appearance of your smile, crowns and bridges can significantly boost your self-confidence, enhancing your social interactions and self-esteem.


Strong and Long Lasting

They are durable and robust, offering a long-lasting solution designed to withstand daily wear and maintain oral functionality over time.

Don't just take our word for it...

Hear from some of our amazing patients, who want to share their experiences of being treated at Open & Affordable Dental and Braces.

Vanessa, B.

Open and affordable dental is great! I'm a new patient and went in for my annual X-rays and cleaning. Saw Dr. Nguyen and he was extremely nice and helpful! Staff was also super friendly and I will be telling everyone able this place! :)

Ashlyn, D.

Excellent dentist! I will never go anywhere else as long as I live in the area! All of the staff is kind and very patient. They are prompt with their appointments and are respectful of your time. When you have an appointment time they don't leave you sitting in the chair waiting to be seen. Highly recommend! 5 stars!

Lexi, L.

Dr. D is amazing! She provided great patient education and did one of the most thorough dental exams I've ever had. She was very personable and welcoming. I would definitely recommend visiting Dr. D!

Meet the Team

  • Do you remove braces or Invisalign engagers/attachments?
    Although it's preferred to have your braces or Invisalign engagers/attachments removed by the original doctor who performed your orthodontic case, occasionally patients find themselves in situation where they've moved or lost the relationship with the orthodontic doctor. In these cases we can absolutely remove your braces or Invisalign engagers/attachments. We can also provide you with retainers, so you don't lose the progress you've made with your orthodontics.
  • What types of guarantees are there for dental work done at your office?
    We always guarantee all work against manufacturer material defect. Unfortunately dentistry resides in a VERY harsh environment, the oral cavity. Dentistry just like automobile tires can wear down with use. If any of the dentistry we have provided to you does not last, breaks, or gets damaged, please call your office and we'd love to discuss your particular case.
  • What do braces and Invisalign cost?
    Typically braces and/or Invisalign cost between $3500 to $6500 for a 24 month treatment. Some treatments can be more or less than this depending on your treatment goals and skeletal configurations. Insurances can pick up a portion of this fee. We always give you the cost of any procedure before beginning.
  • Do you fabricate Orthodontic Retainers, if so how much do they cost?
    Orthodontic retainers are used to keep your teeth straight, especially after braces or Invisalign. We fabricate orthodontic retainers in-house and can get them back to you within a few days. The cost of orthodontic retainers is $200 per arch, minus what your insurance covers. We always give you the cost of any procedure before beginning.
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