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Become a Dentist


Becoming a Registered Dental Hygienist is an extremely rewarding career.  It is extremely competitive to be accepted to dental hygiene programs.  Once accepted, there is a large financial burden to complete the hygiene program.  Open and Affordable Dental wants to help you in the process of becoming a hygienist.  We consider ourselves the best dental organization at creating future hygienists through our Become a Hygienist program.  You will begin as a dental assistant at your favorite Open and Affordable Dental location.  No experience is needed.  We will then train you on all clinical aspects of being a dental assistant.  You will learn sterilization techniques, how to take x-rays, how to take impressions, how to chart periodontal probing depths, how to assist for fillings, extractions, root canals, implants, and much much more.  You will gain x-ray, OSHA, and CPR certificates.  You will be working directly with doctors and hygienists on your first day of employment.  You will gain all of the shadowing hours and clinical requirements to prove that you have the experience to help get accepted to hygiene school.  We will help you make the best decision for you as to which hygiene school is your best fit.  We will help you with financial aid during hygiene school.  After you graduate from hygiene school, you are guaranteed a job at Open and Affordable Dental as a Registered Dental Hygienist.  You will then be able to work with the same amazing doctors and staff you already know and trust.

Use our careers link and apply to Become a Hygienist.  You may also contact any Open and Affordable Dental office and ask about their Become a Hygienist program.

State University of New York at Buffalo

Location: 111 N. Havana Street  Aurora, CO  80010

Pre-requisite Requirements:

Length of Program: 18 months

Total Program Tuition Costs: $50,000

Total Program Room and Board: $20,000

Total Fees: $4,000

Total Program Cost: $74,000

Admissions Contact Name: Jaimie Jermaine, Admissions Coordinator

Admissions Contact Phone: 720-808-0455

Admissions Contact Email:


Recruiting Contact Name: Ana Frank, Program Director

Recruiting Contact Phone: 720-808-0456

Recruiting Contact Email:

Entering Assistant(s): [Taylor W. - Started Assisting April 2020 - Bennett, CO]

Dental Hygiene Student(s): [Frank R. - La Salle, CO - Graduation 2022], [Jason S. - Bennett, CO - Graduation 2023]

Dental Hygienist(s): [Joni B. - Bennett, CO - Graduated 2013]

Why Concord? 

Taylor W. (Entering Assistant) - Bennett, CO:  I chose Concord because it was the fastest way for me to get into hygiene school.

Joni B. (Dental Hygienist) - Bennett, CO:  I wanted somewhere that was close to where I live.  I had a great experience there, that translated to great clinical care at my current job.

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